Monday, August 24, 2015

Did Paul Watson attend a costume party?

Did Sea Shepherd's Paul Watson 
attend a costume party?

Link to photographs of Watson in his costume:

The Facebook page “Stop Sea Shepherd Violence” posted a photograph of his excellency Pope Paul the Watson wearing an admiral’s costume.  It looks like his Holiness was attending a costume party except for the folks in the background who did not participate.

Is the criminal now an admiral?  Who promoted him?  Did his minions elevate him from captain (or “craptain” as labeled in the Faroe Islands) to admiral?  The numerous gold stripes he adorned his sleeves with would be laughable if it was not pathetic. 

Did he get those extra stripes from stripping Cabin Boy (Peter Helmethead) of his stripes?  Remember Cabin Boy was dumped off the Bob Barker and replaced by an elite minion.  The elite minions serve on the rust-bucket garbage scows while the disposable minions are regulated to the “land team” to serve as cannon fodder to get arrested.     

Photograph and video wearing a Japanese Imperial Navy uniform was from a visit to a bar located in the Nakasu district of Fukuoka, Japan.  The bar’s name:  Anchor Bar.  Flag in the background is the Japanese Navy flag the “Rising Sun Flag” (Kyokujitsu-ki  旭日旗 ), since around 1889. 

Link to the Anchor Bar located Fukuoka, Japan:

Short video at the end wearing a khaki U.S. Navy hat and khaki shirt from a 2010 video.  In the video singing the song: “We saw the Sea,” from the 1936 movie “Follow the Fleet” with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, music by Irving Berlin. 

Video clip from that movie singing “We Saw the Sea” (from the movie “Follow the Fleet"):

Link to the Facebook page “Stop Sea Shepherd Violence.”  Scroll down to the posting dated August 22 2015 to photograph of Watson in costume and the comments below it:

Music:  “English Jig” from

Link to Sea Shepherd’s website to donate money:

Link to Texas Daddy store:

Paul Watson promoted to admiral from captain

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