Sunday, August 30, 2015

Is Japan at peace or at war?

Is Japan at peace or at war?

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in the interest of protecting his nation and maintaining the peace is leading his nation in the direction of “Collective Self-Defense.”  This doctrine would allow Japan to partner with nations in the region to deter aggression, most notably from Communist led China.

This initiative has riled many pacifists in Japan.  Many have valid concerns of Japan losing its pacifists posture they enjoyed for the past seventy years.  Others are motivated by leftists / communist ideology, while others are influenced by North Korea and China.  Japan partnering with nations to deter aggression will slow down if not stop China’s beligerant behavior.

Many protest over Mr. Abe’s initiatives have occurred throughout Japan.  A courious aspect of these demonstrators are signs they display written in English reading “Peace No War.”  Huh?

What “Peace?”  What “War?”  Have they fallen victim to an American Public School education?  They already have the “peace,” because Japan is not currently nor planning to engage in combat.  Japan has not been at “War” in the last seventy years.  Do they think Japan is still at “War?”

Not to be outdone with perceived anti-Abe protest some clowns across the Sea of Japan in South Korean have demonstrated against Japan because of Prime Minister Abe.  Are these people also victims of an American Public School education?  Do they not realize the doctrine of “Collective Self-Defense” would involve actively supporting South Korea when North Korea attacks?  In other words they are protesting against a Prime Minister who wants to assist their nation in maintaining their sovereignty in the face of their neighbor to the north.

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