Monday, August 10, 2015

Sea Shepherd’s #standup250 Twitter campaign

Sea Shepherd’s 
“#standup250” Twitter campaign

Sea Shepherd’s “#standup250” Twitter campaign is another attempt by the cult group to get suckers who are emotional wrecks to part with their money.  To correspond with their Twitter feed they established a website to assist suckers to part with their money (see link below).  Below are two screen shots from their website, and the third screen shot is a Twitter response. 

Observation on that link:
1 – Notice they only selected liberal east coast cities in the USA.
2 – The big DONATE button on the bottom left.
To this cult group it is all about money.  Money needed to keep the criminal a fugitive. 
To the suckers / minions:  Please continue to donate, we need the material this cult group provides.   Also, Taiji, Japan and the Faroe Islands appreciate the tourism generated by this floating circus.   

Top of the website:

Bottom of the website:

Twitter response:

Link to the full webpage:

Link to related video:

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