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Yasukuni Shrine and bias American news media

Yasukuni Shrine and 
bias American news media

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan visited the Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo, Japan, resulting in the governments of South Korea and China complaining.  These two governments hallucinate they have the authority to restrict freedom of movement by the Japanese in Japan.

The bellyaching by the South Korean and Chinese government made world-wide news.  The American news media in keeping with their bias reporting joined the fray.  The Dallas Morning News reprinted an article from The Washington Compost (The Washington Post), and titled it:

“Japan’s rivals rip visit to war shrine”

One mistake:  That Yasukuni Shrine is not a “war shrine” it is a shrine “Dedicated to those who lost their lives while serving Japan.”  The Dallas Morning News inserted the “war shrine” purposely to defame the shrine.  The title to the article leads one to believe the shrine honors war, when it fact it does not.   

From the Yasukuni Shrine website:

“Yasukuni Shrine was established to commemorate and honor the achievement of those who dedicated their precious lives for their country. The name ‘Yasukuni,’ given by the Emperor Meiji represents wishes for preserving peace of the nation.”     

Although The Dallas Morning News is one newspaper in the United States, it is a glowing example of the bias news media in the USA.  Their role is not to report the news but to shape the news and mold public opinion.

Yasukuni Shrine website:
The Dallas Morning News December 27, 2013

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