Monday, December 30, 2013

South Korean troops aided by Japanese bullets

South Korean troops aided by Japanese bullets

There is a raging war in the South Sudan / Southern Sudan.  To help defend the peace the United Nations (UN) sent in peace keeping troops from member nations.  The United States along with two trusted ally nations also sent troops:  Japan and South Korea.  Can you guess which one of the two USA allied nations where one behaved responsibly and the other behaving like a raving lunatic? 

The South Korean government sent their troops to the war torn Southern Sudan with ammunition (bullets) that can be carried by each member, and not more than that.  While the USA and Japan sent with their forces an abundant supply of bullets (ammunition). 

The commander of the South Korean ill-equipped troops made a request to the United Nations for additional bullets (ammunition).  The UN in return passed the request to the USA and Japan, since both nations use the same caliber bullets as the South Korean military.

In reply to the UN request the Japanese gave the South Korean troops 10,000 bullets.  By the reaction of many in South Korea, South Korean politicians, and their news media you would have thought the Japanese gave the bullets to them one at a time fired from a weapon.

The people who got upset in South Korea are absolute morons.  They were insulted because the bullets came from Japan.  Never mind their government was negligent in equipping their military for the field.  Those critical of the Japanese assistance injected hallucinated sinister motives to Japan’s benevolence. 

Recently Dear Leader from North Korea, the Hermit Kingdom sent South Korea a fax threatening to attack South Korea.  That fax did not draw the hate as did the help from the Japanese government.  Those in South Korea angry by Japan’s help seem to be unable to comprehend the threat comes from the North not from across the Sea of Japan.    
A good illustration is as if a drowning person was tossed a life-saver, then that person cursing the one who assisted with the life-saver.  

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