Friday, December 20, 2013

Love dolphins and whales to masquerade hate for the Japanese people

Love dolphins and whales to masquerade hate for the Japanese people

Many of the people in the save-the-dolphin and anti-whaling movement in actuality hate Japan and the Japanese people.  They masquerade this hate behind so-called compassion for dolphins and whales.

A good illustration to support this accusation appears on the Facebook page of the Prime Minister of Japan (see link below the posted comments).  They leave comments critical and insulting of Japan.  They are aware such comments do not serve to advance their goal. 

When the Japanese read the rude and hateful comments it does not cause them to reflect on the whaling and dolphin activity.  Instead the people of Japan read the disgusting comments left by these hate ridden drones in the West and if reaffirms popular thought in Asia, that people in the West are rude and crude. 

Those who leave the comments are aware they are contributing nothing to advance their cause as they are only concerned with promoting their hate.

Below are some of the comments left by these self-proclaimed compassionate haters:


The author of the above comment demanded I remove her name from the comment that is why it is blanked out.  In compliance with her demand her name is blanked out.
Below is a link to her Facebook page:

Prime Minister of Japan Facebook page:


Anonymous said...

Who the hell do you think you are using my picture, name and comment on some personal blog?? You are fully aware that this is illegal so I encourage you to remove it from this blog.
Rebecca Tripp

Anonymous said...

To invite others to harass me on facebook, are you serious?? Why didnt you copy the comment where I write the Japanese have beautiful culture and traditions?? Doesnt really fit in with your racist comments. I have reported you to Blogger, you are crossing so many lines.

Ferguson said...

Tony, you are so kind person.

A jerk requested you to remove her name and you perfectly followed the stupid request.

This is why you have so many girl friends. I envy you.

This is what we call "Boomerang effect."

Throwing shit and then the shit is going streight back to her!

This broad is so funny LOL

You did good job Tony!