Saturday, December 7, 2013

Comfort Women activity explained

Comfort Women activity explained

A YouTube friend who is Korean wrote and questioned my activity in Glendale, California in reference to the Comfort Women statue in a city park there and my video about it.  Here in part was my reply to him:

“First understand I do not hate Koreans and I do not hate Chinese.  I do not like the communist in China, and I do not like the people in Korea who are communist, who allow themselves to be used by the communist, and do not like those Koreans who place Comfort Women memorials / statues in the USA. 

I have respect for South Korea being a staunch ally to the USA.  However there are certain political activity and this Comfort Women issue I take issue with. 

I do understand your sensitivity to the Comfort Women issues.  Now allow me to explain why I find it offensive to place that statue in an American city public park:

1)  International politics not involving the USA has no place in our parks.
2) The USA had nothing to do with the Comfort Women issue.
3) According to a U.S. Army report in 1944 who captured Comfort Women, they were well paid  prostitutes who were recruited.
4) In other words they contributed to raising the morale of the Japanese Imperial Army who at the time was fighting the American military.
5) The Comfort Women helping the morale of Japanese troops elevated their fighting ability that was determined to kill my father who was in the United States Marine Corps in the South Pacific.
6) In other words when I see that statue in America I see a dedication to a group of women who worked to raise the morale of a fighting force dedicated to eliminating the American military a military my father was serving actively in.
7) Also how come only the USA has been singled out for this statue?  Why not in Canada, Mexico, Italy, or Brazil?  This causes me to be very suspicious over the motive.

Please do not take offense to my position and try to see if from my prospective as I can appreciate your prospective.  Please have a nice day.”

Here is the video this video is an addition to:

Link to South Korean television news illustrated in this video:

Link to 1944 U.S. Army document stating comfort women were well-paid prostitutes:
Link to documents used in this video:

Link to Texas Daddy store:


Anonymous said...

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Kramer7 said...

Korean? Sea dogs?
Go home plz.

Anonymous said...

the police knows where you live. Watch your back. A SWAT team is en route to apprehend you, who made a public DEATH THREAT.

btw, keep it going tony. don't let those sons-of-well-paid-prostitutes undermine the US authorities anymore.

Anonymous said...

This is an evidence that Nation of Korea is a liar.
They must be accused.
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