Saturday, December 7, 2013

Facebook offended by a flag and the sun rising over Texas

Facebook removed the above photograph because some jerk reported it as violating "community standards."  It is interesting the people at Facebook get a complaint and remove the photograph without investigating.  

Facebook never provided an opportunity to respond or sent an email related to the removal.  The complaint was made, the photo was removed, and no need to allow the Facebook page moderator to respond.

Since when is a flag representing the navy of an trusted ally nation offensive and a the sun rising over Texas?  Perhaps further proof liberals hate Texas.

Only a dope would find the flag and a the sun rising in Texas to be offensive.  Welcome to the 21st century where freedom is dead.


tatsmaki said...

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Anonymous said...

Clearly the act of a Facebook employee implementing personal views. Or acting on behalf of Chindese or VANK interests. Wort raising hell with Facebook. This is America.