Thursday, December 12, 2013

English lessons in Japan and South Korea

English lessons in Japan and South Korea

I have received a multitude of messages from people in Japan and South Korea.  It is based on these messages I made my evaluation on how English is taught in both Japan and South Korea.  Understand this is a pure supposition.

Many of the messages received from Japan begin with “nice to meet you.”  Indicating it must be the first English phrase taught.  This was verified by friends in Japan. 

Recently I have received a multitude of messages from middle school and high school students in South Korea.  All most all of them used the “F bomb,” in addition to the phrase “Fxxx You.”  Providing an indication perhaps that is the first word and phrase in English being taught in South Korean English classes. 

Out of the close to two thousand messages received from South Korea about twenty-five were polite and did not include any offensive words or phrase.  Perhaps they learned their English differently than those anchored in the F bomb.

Here is a video of two South Koreans proudly employing the “f bomb” in a song:
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MDOFCR said...

Hello Tony.

You have the good point!
It is the first message.
Communication with language needs to transfer mind. It is a mess that some people give you just insulting messages.
Though there are a lot of discussions between you and them, they need to find the fact first before complaining to you.

I am really much interested in your articles against fake propaganda.

I hope I sometime later can see you!

Best regards,