Thursday, December 26, 2013

Duck Dynasty dared to mention Jesus

Duck Dynasty dared to mention Jesus

The number one cable television show in the United States is a show titled “Duck Dynasty.”  It is a show about self-proclaimed rednecks living in southern Louisiana.  The family on the show makes numerous references to the Bible and Jesus expressing Christian values.  The family, Phil Robertson’s family, entertaining Americans were politically incorrect with their hunting and Christian values.

Because of that, the politically correct thugs and liberals had to get this program off television.  These liberals demand tolerance for their depravity while being hostile and intolerance to those who do not agree with them. 

To accomplish this take Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty was being interviews by GQ (Gentlemen’s Quarterly) which turned to be a hit piece. The GQ interviewer asked Mr. Robertson his views on homosexuality.  The response from Phil Robertson was Biblical and expressed bewilderment.  You can read his comments in the first link below.

The show “Duck Dynasty” is aired on the network A&E (Arts and Entertainment), the same network polluting the cable network with Sea Shepherd’s Whale Wars.  A show dedicated to demonstrating the cult groups hate for Japan and the Japanese people.  Now A&E by relegating Phil Robertson to an “indefinite hiatus” expands their hate to Christians and Christian values. 

In politically correct America certain groups are protected while Christians are the target to be critical of and vilify.        

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