Friday, December 20, 2013

Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians fan the flames of hate attempting to incite violence

Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians fan the flames of hate attempting to incite violence

On the Cove Coward Guardian Facelessbook page they left the following comment:

“Risso pod that was alive and swimming freely in the ocean only hours before, are now being dragged out of the cove destined for the butcher house”

An emotional wreck who read the comment, then posted this comment:

This is what the wreck wrote:

“I say give me a high powered rifle and at least 500 yards and I can pick them up one of the time…..I’m not talking about the Dolphins either, those babies can go free…as for the murderers, if I ever get to Japan again, they had better watch out.”

The comment delights the Cove Cowards.  They purposely post photographs with inflammatory descriptions to invoke these types of comments.  It would seem they are looking to incite some of their suckers to travel to Taiji and commit violence. 

Proof?  On their Facebook page leave a comment critical of the Cowards and watch it get deleted.  Leave a comment desiring to harm people in Taiji, and it does not get removed.  

Link to their Facebook page:


Anonymous said...

Mr Marano, Let those who are without sin cast the first stone. By displaying these comments on your propaganda blog, are you yourself not fanning the same flames of hate? What purpose does reposting these comments serve? Would it not be better to report these violent messages to have them removed, rather than continuing to repost? I do not condone this type of comments and think they should be removed from the Internet. Violence should never be given a platform or voice anywhere in society and yet you will repost these comments to provoke or antagonise the situation for your own benefit. You are no better than the individuals or groups which you vilify and condemn.

canucktunes said...

To Anonymous, appeals to hypocrisy are illogical. Numerous complaints against the comment were filled but the comment remains because the Cove Guardians do not want to offend their racist fans. The moderators routinely remove comments that criticize the group yet leave violent and racist commentary.

Anonymous said...

Show initiative and lead by example. Reposting these comments is lowering yourself to the same level. A point can be made without the need to continue to spread the hate.