Monday, December 16, 2013

China owns the moon

China owns the moon

Recently China announced they landed an unmanned probe on the moon.  In 1969 when the United States landed a man on the moon, the commies in China under the thug leadership of Mao Zedong claimed the American moon landing was a fraud.  The commies claimed it was done in a Hollywood studio.

Does that mean this announcement by China of their moon landing was also done in a studio? 

Never mind all that, landing on the moon is not new.  The United States has been there and done that. 

Since the commies are claiming the seas in Asia, islands belonging to other nations, and airspace over other countries, will they now claim the moon?    

The commies named their moon probe: “Jade Rabbit” or “the Yutu.”  How soon before the moon turns red?

How about the commies in China come up with some original achievement other than copying the United States and stealing intellectual property.     

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