Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Sea Shepherd Operation Relentless or Resentful?

Sea Shepherd Operation Relentless Resentful

Sea Shepherd’s fleet of rust-bucket garbage scows with their crew of clowns on the floating circus has embarked for the Southern Ocean. 

This is the tenth year the clowns will illegally harass the Japanese mariners.  Big question is on which rust-bucket the fugitive Watson is hiding in the bowels.

The clowns incorrectly named this big tent event as “Operation Relentless.”  The correct name is “Operation Resentful.”  The trust-fund baby clowns along with their cult leader are resentful of the Japanese and masquerade their hate behind the anti-whaling issue.

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Anonymous said...

They may be a floating circus, but you (or whoever gives you financial support) appear to be very concerned about them.