Thursday, December 26, 2013

Sea Shepherd’s Australian flyover

Sea Shepherd’s Australian flyover 

The floating circus known as Sea Shepherd is currently in route to illegally harass the Japanese mariners in the Southern Ocean.  The Japanese whaling fleet also is sailing towards the Southern Ocean.  Some months ago Australia government announced they would send a vessel in the Southern Ocean to monitor the activities between the cult group and the Japanese mariners.

No so fast!  Now the Australian government announced they will not be sending a vessel, instead they are sending an aircraft to fly over the floating circus and the Japanese whaling fleet.  Is that flyover supposed to deter the cowards from illegally harassing the Japanese mariners?

Someone on Facebook suggested perhaps the Australian plane will have a banner reading “be nice.” 

The Australian news media as expected is in full mode supporting Sea Shepherd.  Most of their news web reporting headlined “Australia to monitor Japan’s whaling.”   Oh so it was the Japanese who did the ramming?  The Australian news media is intentionally ignoring Sea Shepherd’s attempts to disable the Japanese vessels in the frigid waters of the Southern Ocean.  What about Sea Shepherd littering the slippery decks of the Japanese vessels with broken glass?  No mention of the fires started by Sea Shepherd on the Japanese whaling vessel.  No none of that because it is the victim, the Japanese who must be monitored.

Video of Sea Shepherd ramming a Japanese vessel courtesy of the Institute of Cetacean Research / ICR.
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