Saturday, January 12, 2013

Legal systems in NY, UK, and India

Legal systems in NY, UK, and India

Many Judges worldwide seem to be out of touch with reality and sheltered from living lives among the populace.  In the United Kingdom (UK) Judge Wyn Williams (Cardiff Crown Court in Wales) sentenced a murderer to 17 years in prison.  Convicted murderer Sara Ege beat her 7 year old son Yaseen to death with a stick.  She was beating him because he failed to memorize certain passages of the Quran.

A 17 year sentence for murder is not just isolated to the United Kingdom.  Across the pond in the United States, the state of New York, another murderer received a 17 year sentence.  William Spengler murdered his grandmother by beating her to death with a hammer.  Spengler was sentenced to 17 years.  After server 17 years for beating his grandmother to death with a hammer he acquired firearms illegally.  He then set his residence on fire and murdered two firefighters who arrived to extinguish the blazing building.     

There is light for the judiciary in the sub-continent of India.  Recently a gang of monsters raped and killed a young lady in India.  They were arrested and the case to be held in New Delhi in New Delhi’s Saket District Court.  The lawyer’s association in New Delhi said none of their lawyers will defend these monsters in court.  Since when does a monster deserve legal representation?  The lawyers in New Delhi proved they are not ambulance chasers and that there are responsible lawyers somewhere in this world.

However all is not pure because two lawyers did volunteer to represent these monsters, claiming it was their Constitutional right to have a legal defense.  Did the raped / murdered girl have the benefit of a legal defense before being raped and murdered?

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