Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sea Shepherd Melissa the Magnificent

Sea Shepherd Melissa the Magnificent
Sea Shepherd’s Cove Coward Guardians are harassing the locals in Taiji, Japan.  Most days they livestream (see link below) from Taiji documenting the dolphin activity.  The livestreams are narrated by a young lady named “Melissa” (see link below).  While narrating Melissa laments when the Taiji fishermen put out to sea in search of dolphins. Later when the fishermen return with captured dolphins you can hear Melissa lamenting the faith of the dolphins.  When the dolphins are held captive behind nets in “the cove,” Melissa continues with her heart-wrenching narration. 

Sea Shepherd cares nothing for the whales or the dolphins, they just care about getting suckers to part with their money.  Need proof?  On Melissa’s Facebook page she states she is a psychic medium (soothsayer), and is an animal communicator, both living and dead animals.  Since Melissa has this ability to communicate with animals reason would dictate she would communicate with the dolphins to swim away from Taiji and those captured behind the nets to jump over the nets to freedom.

Yet with this amazing gift Melissa has she does not employee it to free the dolphins.  Why?  Because the captured dolphins pull at the hearts of suckers around the world and they part with their money by donating to Sea Shepherd.  It is all about money because the person who has the ability to aid the dolphins keeps her talents to herself.

On her Facebook page there are photographs of her with dogs.  Is Melissa keeping dogs in captivity?  It is wrong to keep dolphins in captivity but okay for her to keep dogs in captivity?  On the smart scale one would have to place dogs as being smarter than dolphins.  Sea Shepherd claims animals should be exempt from the food chain and / or captivity based upon their intelligence.  Of course that rules does not apply to Melissa the soothsayer.          

Melissa’s Facebook page (the animal communicator):!/MelissaSehgal?fref=ts

“Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians Page (Official)” Facebook page:

Cove Coward Guardians live-stream link (caution: watching their live-stream display of self-righteous smugness is disgusting):

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