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Lawyer compounds rape in India

Lawyer compounds rape in India

Videos concerning the rape:

A young lady was raped, beaten, bitten, and later died.  The 23-year old lady and a male companion boarded a bus in New Delhi, India and were attacked on the bus by six animals.  The male was beaten, and girl abused and raped for an hour.  After this hour long horror the two were thrown off the bus. 

The two taken to a hospital it was discovered the young lady only had 7% of her intestines in her.  The monsters who raped her shoved a tire-iron up her womanhood when withdrawn dragged out 93% of her intestines.  These six animals need to be put down to clear the gene-pool (through a judicial process justice should be their execution).

The abused girl was flown to Singapore for advance medical treatment, however she died, was murdered. 

There is light for the judiciary in the sub-continent of India.  Recently a gang of monsters raped and killed a young lady in India.  They were arrested and the case to be held in New Delhi in New Delhi’s Saket District Court.  The lawyer’s association in New Delhi said none of their lawyers will defend these monsters in court.  Since when does a monster deserve legal representation?  The lawyers in New Delhi proved they are not ambulance chasers and that there are responsible lawyers somewhere in this world.

However all is not pure because two lawyers did volunteer to represent these monsters, claiming it was their Constitutional right to have a legal defense.   One of the lawyers (Manohar Lal Sharma) is quoted as saying: 

     “Until today I have not seen a single incident or example of rape with a respected lady.”

William Shakespeare wrote in his play “Henry VI:”

     “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.”

No one is advocating violence against lawyers, just illustrated as an example that lawyers are universally regarded as vermin now and in the past. 

Article where lawyer blames the victims:

Article about the lawyers and monsters in India:,0,94561.story

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