Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hunger strike to save the dolphins

Hunger strike to save the dolphins

Taiji Dolphin Action Group (TDAG) is requesting a volunteer to travel all expenses paid to go to Taiji, Japan.  Once there do something to get arrested, then once in the jail go on a hunger strike.  By doing so it would bring world-wide attention to the dolphin story in Taiji.  How come the TDAG members are not volunteering to get arrested and go on a hunger strike?  How come they are looking for a hapless sucker to fill this position?

A South African was all over the Internet begging for money to go to Taiji.  Once she collected the money need from suckers, she was declined a visa to enter Japan.  How come she did not apply for the visa before begging for money?  What did she do with the money now that she is not allowed to enter Japan?

Here is the page where the South African is begging for money to travel to Taiji, Japan:

Here is the Facebook page of Nikki Botha who begged for money to go to Taiji, Japan:

Link to the Taiji Dolphin Action Group (TDAG) requesting a volunteer to go on a hunger strike:

Link to Texas Daddy store:

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