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Sea Shepherd's Erwin Vermeulen, now we know

Sea Shepherd’s Erwin Vermeulen, now we know

This video is about a sub-cult group of the cult group Sea Shepherd is called Cove Guardians.  Their exhibit purpose stated by their behavior is to harass and intimidate the citizens of Taiji, Japan.  This peaceful Japanese village has caught their ire because in Taiji they harvest and transport dolphins.

Taiji is in the Japanese prefecture of Wakayama, Higashimuro District.  The governor of this prefecture Yoshinobu Nisaka increased the number of police in Taiji to minimize if not halt the harassment and intimidation wrecked upon the village by the Cove Guardian cultists. 

In December of 2011 a Dutch citizen (the Netherlands) part of the Cove Guardians named Erwin Vermeulen was arrested by the police for an assault upon a Taiji fisherman according the Sea Shepherd.  According to Sea Shepherd the assault charge is totally false. 

Early in January, 2012 Mr. Vermeulen appeared in court.  Per news reports based solely on Sea Shepherd’s news releases the truth was sacrificed.  They reported Mr. Vermeulen appeared with long hair, unshaven, and thinner.  Claiming he could not get a fair trial in Japan because convection rates are 99%.  Basically indicating misconduct on the part of prosecutors in Japan. 

Mr. Vermeulen charged with assault was also with trespassing. 

According to Sea Shepherd the Japanese judicial system is one-sided not favoring foreigners.  Mr. Vermeulen had the charges dropped.  August, 2012 he received a check in the amount of $10,000 from the Japanese as compensation for wrongfully jailed.  Mr. Vermeulen turns the money over to Sea Shepherd to help defray the cost of his defense paid for by the cult group.     

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