Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sea Shepherd claim jumpers (Cove Guardians)

Sea Shepherd claim jumpers (Cove Guardians)
A simple explanation of the term “claim jumper:” Back in the days of the old West in the United States there was an activity known as “claim jumpers.”  That was when a miner (gold mine or silver mine) discovered a mineral deposit; he would go to town to post his claim to the mineral deposit.  While traveling to town another would occupy the mine or mineral deposit and make claim to the area, a “claim jumper.”

In Taiji, Japan there are a number of save-the-dolphin groups.  Two of which are Sea Shepherd’s Cove Guardians (Cove Coward Guardians) and Ric O’Barry’s “Dolphin Project.”  Both groups live stream from the area of Taiji known as “the cove” (also fictionalized in the movie of the same name). 

The Cove Coward Guardians broadcasted their live stream from sea level.  While Ric O’Barry’s group performed their live stream from a higher vantage point up in the hills overlooking the cove.  The Cove Coward Guardians not being original later decided to also live stream from atop a hill to gain the same view as enjoyed by Ric O’Barry’s live stream viewers.  There is where the connection to “claim jumper” comes in, a rather loose connection, however still a connection.        

Ric O’Barry’s live-stream:

Cove Guardians live-stream:

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