Saturday, January 12, 2013

South Korea whaling OK Sea Shepherd

Sea Shepherd / South Korean whaling, okay?

Currently the four rust-bucket garbage scows belonging to that Floating Circus, the cult group Sea Shepherd headed by that fugitive Watson is sailing towards the Southern Ocean.  They will attempt to illegally disrupt the Japanese mariners whaling expedition.   

Last whaling season the Japanese brought back to Japan less than one-third of their quota.  Per Sea Shepherd this activity by the Japanese is killing the oceans.  The Japanese brought in under 300 whales and to Sea Shepherd and their type that is causing the oceans to die. 

Well by that lack of reasoning the oceans must be dead – R.I.P.  This must be so because while Sea Shepherd continues to harass the Japanese the South Koreans are whaling without any Sea Shepherd hate / interference. 

The South Koreans “bycatch whaling” which is basically claiming to have caught whales by accident.  That is when a South Korean catch in their nets a whale by accident, that whale is his to sell because it was an accident.  In 2012 the South Koreans had 2,350 such accidents, meaning 2,350 dead whales.  Also meaning 2,350 whales removed from the oceans. 

Thus if less than 300 whales taken by the Japanese contribute to killing the oceans then 2,350 whales removed from the oceans must have killed the oceans. 

The cowards of Sea Shepherd are bullies who go after a passive people, the Japanese mariners, while avoiding those who are responsible for the removal of 2,350 whales, the South Koreans.  Sea Shepherd knows if they attempt to interfere with the South Koreans the response would not be passive.       

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