Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sea Shepherd's video missing?

Sea Shepherd’s video missing?   

Sea Shepherd announced during their Operation Zero Tolerance in the Southern Ocean to interfere with the Japanese mariners, they “intercepted” two Japanese vessels “Yushin Maru No.3 and the Nisshin Maru.”  Sea Shepherd boasted this was accomplished with their rust bucket garbage scows a trimaran named the “Brigitte Bardot,” and the “Bob Barker.” 

Sea Shepherd’s announcement reads the vessels were “intercepted” by them.  The word “intercept” means to stop or seize.  In either case Sea Shepherd is admitting they violated the injection by the Ninth Circuit of Appeals in the United States of America – USA. 

Where is the video?  Where are the photographs?  To date Sea Shepherd has produced only one photograph which has not been authenticated.  Either produce photogrdaphs and / or videos, or shut up.

What is amazing is the bias Australian News Media reporting this story as fact without any attempt at getting a confirmation.  No need for confirmation because the Australian News Media believes everything his holiness Pope Paul the Watson says. 

As of this posting Sea Shepherd released this photograph, however it has not been authenticated:

Links to Sea Shepherd boasting they “intercepted” two Japanese whaling vessels:

Australian News video reporting Sea Shepherd’s story as fact:

Link to Texas Daddy store:

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