Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sea Shepherd Circus

Sea Shepherd Circus

A former politician in the Faroe Islands named Oli Breckmann labeled Sea Shepherd a “floating circus,” a very illustrative term for this cult group.  Recently the clowns of this floating circus have broadcasted on the Internet a live-stream showing the performing clowns on one of their rust-bucket garbage scows.  This video is a satirical rendering of a land-based live-stream for this performing circus. 

Thanks to Oli Breckmann of the Faroe Islands for the term “floating circus.”  Which later gave birth to the Watson clown car, an idea from “Paul” of Canada (not Paul Watson).     

Watson caricature created by Mr. Shun of Nagasaki, Japan. 
Music: “Amazing Plan” from
Sound effects from: Freesound. Org.
Clipart of circus tent:

Japanese translations to appear on the YouTube channel “OUTSIDESOUND.”  Created by Mr. Shun of Kumagaya, Japan, assisted by Kiyokazu of Tatebayashi, Japan.

The floating circus (Sea Shepherd) is heading towards the Southern Ocean with their four rust-bucket garbage scows filled with clowns and trust-fund babies to illegally harass the Japanese mariners. 

The rust-bucket garbage scows of this floating circus are:
Steve Irwin
Bob Barker
Brigitte Bardot
Sam Simon

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