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Fugitive Watson swam with the dolphins

Fugitive Watson swam with the dolphins

The fugitive Watson aboard the rust-bucket garbage scow the Steve Irwin along with their other rust-buckets are en route to the Southern Ocean to illegally harass the Japanese mariners.  On the way the vessels needed to refuel in New Zealand.  The Steve Irwin with the fugitive transferred the fugitive to their vessel the Brigitte Bardot.  The cult group claiming the fugitive swam with the dolphins from one vessel to the other.  What a joke!

The Steve Irwin while in a New Zealand port is inspected by Customs and asked about Watson.  This caused Sea Shepherd to accuse the New Zealanders as “siding with the Japanese.”  Totally ignoring New Zealand was adhering as a responsible nation / government by complying with international law. 

While the fugitive was hiding in fear aboard the Brigitte Bardot, another vessel off in the distance thought the Brigitte Bardot to bet in distress and reported it to New Zealand authorities.  The authorities then issue a distress call / signal for the coordinates where the Brigitte Bardot was reported.  Vessels in the area respond and sail towards the Brigitte Bardot.  New Zealand sends a vessel and a helicopter.  Never once did Sea Shepherd get on the radio and inform they are not in distress or comply with the distress signal. 

 This was a clear violation of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, Article 98, page 54 (see PDF link below), section 1, paragraph b "duty to render assistance."

Link to PDF UN Law of the Seas:

When the helicopter from New Zealand was near the Brigitte Bardot, the vessel sped away in fear at high speed fearing the fugitive may be apprehended.  They are willing to forfeit their freedoms and lives, if you can catch them!

Article the fugitive abandons the Steve Irwin:

The Bridgett Bardot ignores a distress signal:

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