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Sea Shepherd 2012 a year of failures

Sea Shepherd 2012 a year of failures

Happy New Year to all and thanks to Sea Shepherd for a year of complete failures.  This video is a review of their failures:

Vessel Brigitte Bardot slammed and damaged by a "Divine Wind"

In an attempt to stop the Shonan Maru #2 stop trailing the Steve Irwin, Sea Shepherd assist three hapless Australians to illegally board the Japanese vessel.  It did not work – failed

Sea Shepherd attempts to throw grappling hooks on a Japanese vessel, they fail and the hooks fall back on Sea Shepherd injuring their crew and they blame the Japanese for throwing the grappling hooks.

Sea Shepherd post a video showing a Japanese mariner holding a grappling hook claim it was proof it was throw at Sea Shepherd.  When that grappling hook was used to retrieve a thick rope used by Sea Shepherd to snarl the Japanese propellers and rudder.

Captain Kangaroo aboard the Steve Irwin fearing an arrest from the so-called Japanese security vessel, sails back to Australia to avoid capture.  He left Peter Helmethead / Cabin Boy on the Bob Barker to illegally harass the Japanese whalers in the Southern Ocean.

Cove Guardians are confronted by Japanese citizens in Taiji, Japan, and shiver in fear as they leave Taiji for their safety.

Watson gets arrested in Germany due to an extradition request by Costa Rica for his activities in Central America ten years ago.  In May he was released on bail awaiting an extradition hearing in Germany.

Watson skips bail and flees Germany in fear of extradition, arrest warrant issued.

INTERPOL issues a "red notice" requesting member countries to arrest the fugitive.

Sea Shepherd was denied charitable tax status in Australia.  Meaning donations to Sea Shepherd by Australians is not tax deductible. 

Sea Shepherd members start to expose Sea Shepherd's dirty laundry for all to see.

Sea Shepherd Cove Guardian in Taiji Japan named Nils Greskewitz arrested for damaging a statue and Sea Shepherd abandon's him.

Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians have their SD cards, cellphones, and computers confiscated by police to be returned within two weeks and Sea Shepherd starts begging for money to replace equipment that will be returned.

Scott West’s daughter Elora, had to abandoned  Operation Zero Tolerance because she got sea sick.  Remember they claim they are willing to forfeit their lives to save whales, but apparently in Elora’s case not willing to forfeit her vomit.  

Sea Shepherd purchased a $2 million vessel SAM SIMON from Japan and attempted to claim it was a German vessel, but the lie was exposed.

9th Circuit of Appeal ruled Sea Shepherd must stay at least 500 yards away from the Japanese whaling fleet.

Sea Shepherd video failures for 2011:

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