Friday, November 17, 2017

Sea Shepherd’s whale abandonment excuses

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Sea Shepherd’s whale abandonment excuses

Watson the Horrible or Criminal Cosplay Watson recently left a commentary on his Facelessbook (Facebook) page.  Dated November 14, 2017 at 8:2am titled:


Reading it, it reads as a comedy routine.  It exposes him as either a lunatic or a liar, or perhaps a hybrid of both.  A review of some of his nonsense writing:

“The whalers have military backing.”

Big deal they have military backing.  On numerous occasions he and his disposables have boasted, paraphrasing:  “We are willing to forfeit our lives and our freedom to save the life of a whale.”  Really?  Then how come the threat of a military looming in the Southern Ocean causes these girly men to abandon Criminal Cosplay Watson’s clients the whales?

“When we defend ourselves non-violently, there are severe repercussions.”

“Non-violently?”  When their rust buckets rammed Japanese whaling vessels that was “non-violent?”  Throwing flares on the Japanese decks that is “non-violent?”  In addition throwing bottles on the decks breaking apart scattering the decks with broken glass that is also “non-violent?” 

“Sea Shepherd could find the whaling fleet but could not close in because Japanese real time sat-technology can tell t hem exactly where Sea Shepherd ships are at all times.”

“Sat-technology” is “satellite surveillance.”  Why would satellite surveillance be a deterrent?  Does not he think when Sea Shepherd is ramming their vessels the Japanese do not see them?  Why does he want his vessels to hide when their goal is to interfere with the whaling?     

“Japan also passed new anti-terrorism laws specifically to stop Sea Shepherd.”

Here is has a self-inflated ego of himself.  To the Japanese he and his cult group is nothing but a flea on an elephant’s back.  Those laws were passed to deter real terrorists, not a floating circus of cult clowns. 

“we were criticized……for not finding them….”

“Not finding them?”  Huh?  During the past whaling season Sea Shepherd posted a photograph claiming they located the whaling fleet in the Southern Ocean.  It made world-wide news.  How can he write they could not find the whalers?  Did he lie when they claimed to have located the Japanese?  Is he lying now when he wrote “not finding them?”  One of these claims is a lie, a habit this cult group is addicted to.

“My personal freedom to travel was taken away and five years later I still cannot travel abroad.”

The Japanese filed an arrest warrant with Interpol.  As a result he is claiming to be unable to leave France.  If that is correct then the USA is either a part of France or France is part of the USA.  Because since that Interpol warrant was issued he has made numerous trips to the USA.

“…if we can acquire the technology….”

Here is the real reason for this hallucination; they want money from their minions, suckers, and emotional wrecks.  Sure give them money so they can defeat the military satellite surveillance system. 

COMMENT left on his FB:
“I wish good hunting for Japanese”

A minion replied:
“I wish you die”

His suckers have absolutely no compassion just as exhibited by the cult leader himself.

Watson’s Facelessbook commentary:

Additional Sea Shepherd videos:

Link to Texas Daddy store:


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