Friday, November 17, 2017

Judge Roy Moore resume enhancement?

Judge Roy Moore resume enhancement?

Judge Roy Moore is currently running as a Republican for a Senate seat in Alabama.  Recently some women have come forward and announced Mr. Moore behaved inappropriately close to forty years ago.

Democrat Bill Clinton while president was accused by many women of sexual misconduct.  What did the Democrats do?  They praised Clinton and vilified the female accusers.  What are the Republicans doing about Judge Roy Moore?  They are screaming for him to remove himself from the Senate race and believing his accusers.

Democrats support their sexual abusers.
Republicans run from those accused of sexual misconduct. 

Judge Roy Moore should switch parties the Democrats will embrace him and use the misconduct allegations as a resume enhancement.

Judge Roy Moore’s allegations are from nearly forty years ago.  To many that is good enough to get dismiss him.

Deceased Democratic Party Senator Robert Byrd from West Virginia was a high official in the Klan.  Yet there are numerous Federal buildings and projects in West Virginia named after him.  He was a much admired member of the Democratic Party.  Admittedly Mr. Byrd repudiated his Klansman past and atoned for his racist sins.  However he was still a member of the disgusting group. 

Senator Byrd was an Exalted Grand Cyclops in the Ku Klux Klan – KKK and we are told to forget about it because it was long ago.  Long ago for KKK Robert Byrd, but not long ago for Judge Roy Moore. 

Liberals, Democrats, and the news media hate Mr. Moore because of his unapologetic Christianity.    There is a double standard in them thar hills.

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