Friday, November 17, 2017

Cosplay Watson the smartest

Cosplay Watson the smartest

Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd blessed us with a commentary on his Facebook page titled:


In his first sentence he wrote: 

“It has long been my theory that cetaceans are more intelligent than human primates.” 

 Huh?  Oh that’s right it was a whale who landed on the moon and discovered the cure for polio. 

Cosplay Watson continued with:   

“Dolphins address each other by individual names.”  

Really?  Come on how was he able to write that with a crooked face?  How can any claim they are able to interpret the squeaks from dolphins? 

Okay let us believe what cosplay Watson wrote that dolphins address each other by names.  Then that means they are selfish.  If they are able to communicate by calling each other names, then they can also warn others of dangers.  They do not warn other dolphins by name to avoid the Faroe Islands after being rounded up.  They do not warn other dolphins by name after being captured in Taiji.  That is because they are selfish figuring if they got captured then let others experience the same faith.  That is a selfish act committed by these smarter than human “primates.”   
Watson’s Facelessbook commentary, dated November 7, 2017 at 3:55pm:

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