Wednesday, November 8, 2017

President Trump Texas Night in Japan?

President Trump Texas Night in Japan?

President Trump is in Japan as of this writing.  His first day he addressed USA and Japanese troops at an air base in Japan.  During his nineteen or so minute talk he mentioned the USA’s close relationship with Japan and respect for the people and culture of Japan.

This visit validated what I said in Japan this past January.  I was blessed to be in Japan in January, 2017, spoke at seven conferences in six different cities.  At all the conferences the people were concerned about the future relationship between Japan and the USA due to President Trump’s recent election victory.  This concern was due to Trump’s incendiary remarks towards Japan and other Asian nations during the campaign.  I explained they were “throw away lines” and / or “red meat” for some supporters. 

President Trump’s nineteen minute talk in Japan confirmed what I had said.  He recognizes and appreciates the close relationship our two countries enjoy.      

President Trump’s full nineteen minute speech:

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