Thursday, November 2, 2017

Rocket man Cosplay Watson’s two million dollar appeal

Rocket man Cosplay Watson’s 
two million dollar appeal

On November 1, 2017 had on his Facebook page the following appeal:

Rocket Man Paul Watson
“I believe there is the technology to stop this.  The bad news is that it would be expensive.  Around   The solution would be legal, non-violent and effective.  I am presently researching the logistics.”
$2 million Euros and it would require being on site for 5 months each year.

Guess what?  Hours later Cosplay Watson removed his two million Euro appeal without explanation.  It is curious to note he is still thinking of schemes to get his minions, suckers, and emotional wrecks to part with their money.  Why would anyone think when the suckers, minions, and emotional wrecks give the criminal 2 million Euros he will use it for his stated plan? 

Remember he begged for vessels to save whales and dolphins.  He now has nine ocean-going vessels and he abandoned his clients the whales and dolphins.  He boasted no longer will they be active in the Faroe Islands, Taiji, Japan, or the Southern Ocean.  He got what he wanted to protect his clients, then he abandoned them. 

Rocket Man Paul Watson on Mars
To the minions, suckers, and emotional wrecks, please give your money to him.  Where will he go with it?  Not the Faroe Islands, Taiji, or the Southern Ocean, perhaps Rocket man Cosplay Watson will go to another planet looking for clients.         

Here is a link to donate to Sea Shepherd:

Link to Texas Daddy store:

Paul Watson deleted Facebook appeal

Rocket Man Paul Watson

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