Thursday, March 6, 2014

Why I Love Japan ? Dirty road Dallas County

Why I Love Japan ?  Dirty road Dallas County

While driving around Japan in the cities and countryside it is noticeable how the nation is basically litter free.  Now compare that to some parts of the USA and Paris, France, it is startling. 

This video was going to contrast an average countryside road in Japan to a garbage strewn country road in Dallas County, Texas.  For about the last ten years this particular Dallas County road has been a magnet to the slobs in the county.  Filth, garbage, trash lined the country road. 

Setting up a special rig on the side of the vehicle to video this trash filled Dallas County road only to discover it was cleaned.  For ten years it was filthy, the one day it was going to videoed, the roadside was garbage free.  So much of planning a video.   

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