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Al Gore and Irena Sendler, she was a hero for two centuries

Al Gore and Irena Sendler, 
she was a hero for two centuries

The Nobel Peace Prize became meaningless in 2007 when it was awarded to that snake oil salesman Al Gore over Irena Sendler.  Ms. Sendler was a Polish Catholic social worker in Nazi occupied Warsaw, Poland during World War Two Ms. Sendler was responsible for saving the lives of 2,500 Jewish infants from Nazi extermination.  Irena was caught by the Nazis, beaten, and tortured.  She managed to escape and live till May, 2008.  The bums at the Nobel Peace Prize felt Al Gore was more deserving.  Al Gore should have declined the award in deference to Irena Sendler. 

The Nazis invade Poland and proceed to round up the Jews and segregate them to live in a section of they city of Warsaw.  The city was cordoned off and the Nazis created a Jewish ghetto in Warsaw.  The inhabitants were left to die, become drones for slave labor, or shipped off the concentration camps to meet their faith in the gas champers, cyclone B, the ovens, and the horrors of the Holocaust. 

Amidst this horror when darkness fell upon Europe there emerged an angle a servant of God to save the children.  Irena Sendler (Irena Sendlerowa) a member of the Warsaw medical services managed to gain escape to 2,500 Jewish children from the Warsaw ghetto.  These children survived the war while the vast majority of their parents were never located. 2,500 lived because of Irena Sendler.

In 2007 Al Gore accepted the Nobel Peace Prize for his hoax, the Academy Award winning movie an “Inconvenient Truth.”  A movie advancing the hoax of man-made global warming.  He accepted the award while a real hero, Irena Sendler was ignored by the Noble Peace Prize committee.  Irena Sendler passed away a year later.  

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