Monday, March 31, 2014

STOP WHALING ruling a victory for Japan

STOP WHALING ruling a victory for Japan

On 31 March 2014 the United Nations International Court of Justice in The Hague, Netherlands handed down a decision ordering Japan to stop whaling in the Southern Ocean.  The Court claims the Japanese whaling activity in the Southern Ocean was not for research but for commercial purposes. 

The case was brought to the Court by Australia (Australia which is an ally and huge trading partner with Japan).  As an old English proverb reads, “With friends like this who needs enemies.”

The Court’s decision caused jubilation throughout the world among anti-whalers, Japan haters, Sea Shepherd (the floating circus), Sea Shepherd cultists and drones.  While Sea Shepherd and their supporters cheer this decision as a victory for their cause, it was in essence a loss for the floating circus (Sea Shepherd). 

In Asia losing face is an import aspect of the culture.  As Sea Shepherd has been claiming the Japanese lose money on whaling each whaling season in the Southern Ocean.  Sea Shepherd’s goal was to continue to harass the Japanese to cause them to lose money.  The Japanese could not stop whaling and lose face to the floating circus Sea Shepherd a band of girly men, trust fund babies, cowards, and hippies.

This Court decision allows the Japanese to end the whaling and safe face showing they are abiding by the Court’s decision and being lawful.  In actuality this Court decision is a loss for Sea Shepherd.  Sea Shepherd’s illegal harassment towards the Japanese was a big money-maker for the cult group.  Now who will they vilify?  Remember many of their supporters and cultists masquerade their hate for Japan by claiming compassion for the whales and a groundless desire to save the oceans.

Now Sea Shepherd must take their rust-bucket garbage scows to harass another nation.  No other nation will be passive as the Japanese were in the face of this illegal harassment.  Also the money flowed into Sea Shepherd to support hate for Japan.  Now who would their supporters pay to hate?  

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Anonymous said...

Tony, I love what you do! You speak the truth!
And, in this case, you are right again!
All Japan needs to do now is to leave the IWC. Pure and simple! Once it leaves the IWC, it can join the other countries who refused to sign with the IWC and simply continue whaling - for commercial purposes. And call it subsistence. Japan hardly has any beef (hahaha), hardly any land-based meat protein to feed its population other than importing poisonous American beef, so it should go back out to sea like it has always done since the beginning of Japan 2000 years ago, and go get food from the ocean like it always did, and quit importing American and Australian beef. The food is right there, in front of them, in the oceans.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Tony, for bringing the truth to the world!
I totally agree that these scumbags would have a difficult time choosing their next target to harass, since it is quite obvious that they are going to get thousands of bullets shot at them making ugly mince if they attempt the same thing toward the Russians!