Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Bloomberg news and The New York Times gave in to South Korean bullies

Bloomberg news gives in to bullies

South Koreans have been bellyaching the Sea of Japan, which lies east of the Korean peninsula, and basically west of Japan should be renamed “East Sea.”  Those South Koreans calling for a name change are basically advancing their Japan bashing.

They brought that bullying / bashing to the United States where in Virginia they approved text books that reference “Sea of Japan” must also refer to it as the “East Sea.”

Now Bloomberg news seems to have fallen victim to the bullying by not referring to the Sea of Japan by that name or the East Sea.  Below is a partial text of a news article appearing in The Dallas Morning News on March 3rd, 2014, reprinted from Bloomberg News:

“North Korea fired two short-range missiles Sunday, days after it launched four rockets into the sea off its eastern coast…..”

The “sea off its eastern coast” is the Sea of Japan.  Did Bloomberg News replace the “Sea of Japan” with “sea off its eastern coast” to avoid bullying by the Japan bashers in South Korea?  

Appearing in The Dallas Morning News, 3 March 2014:
Sea of Japan / East Sea bullies

The New York Times volunteered to fall victim to South Korean bullying by refusing to call the Sea of Japan the Sea of Japan.  Instead the coward selected to use “”…before crashing into the sea between the Korean Peninsula and Japan.”
Earth to The New York Times: The sea between the Korean Peninsula and Japan is the “Sea of Japan.” Below is the article from The New York Time reprinted in The Dallas Morning news on March 5, 2014:


Japan Bashing

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