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Comfort Women apology review

Comfort Women apology review

Many South Koreans along with a spattering of Chinese have continually berated Japan over the Comfort Women issue.  Three of their major concerns are:

1 - Japan needs to apologize.
2 - Others claim, Japan did apologize, however it was not sincere enough.
3 - Japan needs to get in touch with history.  Meaning by denying the Comfort Women issue they are denying history when in fact Japan never issued any such denials.

All three are about to be debunked

Issue number one:  Japan’s Prime Minister Abe’s office announced a team of scholars will examine historical documents that led up to Japan’s 1993 apology.  That debunks issue number one because an apology was made in 1993.   

Issue number two:  Part of the review as to the validity will include a review of it which by deductive reasoning will include the sincerity of it.

Issue number three:  How can Japan be accused of ignoring history when they are conducting an historical review?  Does not mean history is only as promoted by their detractors eliminating all other versions? 

The South Koreans are bellyaching that such a review will take place.  Why?  Are the South Koreans the only group permitted to present an historical account while denying the accused the same opportunity?  Since the Koreans are complaining about the apology review, that in itself claims there was in fact an apology.

The heart of these complaints is money.  The complainers are seeking a second round of money from the Japanese.  Never mind in 1965 a treaty was signed by the two countries, and Japan did pay well over 800 million dollars.  This is pure Japan bashing and greed. 

How about removing that hunk of junk from the city park in Glendale, California?
“Hunk of junk:” = Comfort Women statue in a park in Glendale, California. 

UPDATE March 15, 2014:
Japanese Prime Minister Abe said his government was not considering a revision of Japan’s 1993 apology.  See, as stated in the above video.  So let the bellyaching stop.  Yeah right
Comfort Women apology (The Dallas Morning News March 15, 2014)

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