Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Knife attack in China, let’s blame the Uyghur’s

Knife attack in China, let’s blame the Uyghur’s

Recently in commie-led China in the Kunming train station in Yunnan province 10 assailants dressed in black wielding knives, wounded 130 people, murdering 29.  While the bodies were still being carried off the thugs in Beijing announced it was an act of terrorism perpetrated the Uighurs (Uyghur) from a western region in China currently referred to as Xinjiang correctly named East Turkistan.

The commies are quick to blame any act of violence in The Middle Kingdom on the Muslim Uyghur people attempting to justify their harsh oppression of the group.  A few months ago an automobile crashed in Tiananmen Square, blew up, and while the flames were still engulfing the vehicle the commie authorities announced it was an act of terrorism by the Uighur people. 

Never mind in China there are millions of Han Chinese upset with Beijing for a variety of reasons from pollution, government corruption and land confiscation.  These issues have many demonstrations and riots throughout China.  Of course none of these reasons could be a cause for violence when they have Uighurs to blame.  

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