Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, I smell a commie

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, I smell a commie

It is an unresolved mystery as of date as to what happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.  Many theories, many conspiracies afoot.  However until located, the mystery remains.  Whenever the missing plane is located or it is determined for certain what happened, the cause of this tragedy will be the commies in China.  Pure speculation based on:

1 - Before the jet disappeared taking place in Beijing, China the National People’s Congress was in session.  The event had China’s security on edge in fear of a terrorist attack.  Taiwanese intelligence warned China of a possible terror strike at Beijing airport and the city’s subway system.  

2 - The communist in China announced they performed a thorough investigation of all 154 Chinese citizens on board Malaysia Airlines flight 370, including one Uighur, and concluded empathically there was no connected.  The Chinese authorities claim there is nothing in the Chinese passenger’s background to arouse suspicion.

Really?  That is why the “who is behind this” falls on the Communist in China.  Previously to this tragedy whenever any act of violence resembling terrorism occurred in The Middle Kingdom (China) the Chinese authorities were quick to blame the Uighurs even while the smoke was still bellowing and blood from the victims still pouring.   Now all of a saddened no blame to their favorite group to blame?  Yep, according to the communist party led government in Beijing, there was absolutely no Chinese connection.  Believe that and you should buy the bridge for sale in Brooklyn.

Remember:  Never trust a Communist.

Taiwanese intelligence warns China of a possible terror strike:

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China, no terror link attached to their nationals:

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