Thursday, August 29, 2013

USA Liberals continue to hurt Americans of Japanese heritage

USA Liberals continue to hurt
Americans of Japanese heritage

Soon after the United States entered World War Two, President Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066.  This Executive Order caused Americans of Japanese ancestry (American citizens) and Japanese Americans on the West Coast to be interned in camps. 

This order was issued because America feared a Japanese invasion of the West Coast thinking American citizens of Japanese ancestry would act as Fifth Columnist.  The Americans of Japanese heritage interned in these camps volunteered to join the United States Army.  Many formed 442nd Regimental combat team in the European Theater of the war. 

The 442nd was the most decorated infantry regiment in the history of the United States Army.  They were awarded / earned twenty-one Congressional Medals of Honor (Medal of Honor).  They were nicknamed the “Purple Heart Battalion.”   

In 1988 these brave Americans and their families received reparations of $20,000.  How disgusting was that?  It gets worse:

Now in this 21st century liberals in the United States continue the assault on Americans with a Japanese heritage.  These lunatic liberals are placing monuments / memorials to the Comfort Women issue accusing Japan of an historical lie.  These monuments / memorials accuse the Japanese of forcing women into sexual slavery.  This is a further insult to the Japanese Americans illegally interned, those of the 442nd, their children, and grandchildren.    

This is being willfully done while purposely ignoring a 1944 U.S. Army report stating these Comfort Women were well-paid prostitutes.

That is what liberals do; if it is emotional they promote it and deny any facts to the contrary.  This is purposely being done to insult American of Japanese ancestry and insult the nation of Japan.  The Comfort Women issue has absolutely nothing to do with the United States and these monuments / memorials insulting Japanese Americans are being placed on public lands. 

These insulting memorials / statues are located in Nassau County, New York, New Jersey, Detroit (proposed) and Glendale, California.  It is no coincident these jurisdictions are dominated by Democratic Party extreme liberals.   

Japanese American internment camps:


Link to 1944 U.S. Army document stating comfort women were well-paid prostitutes:

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