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IZUMO Japan largest warship since World War Two

IZUMO Japan largest warship since
World War Two

Japan launched their largest warship since the end of World War Two, “flat-topped destroyer.”  The vessel is scheduled to handle around fourteen helicopters.  The vessel’s main mission is anti-submarine warfare, border area surveillance, and enhance Japans ability to transport personnel and supplies responding to large scale natural disasters.   
The commies in China are upset and complained “We express our concern at Japan’s expansion of its military equipment………….This trend is worthy of high vigilance by Japan’s Asian neighbors and the international community.”

Are the commies in China nuts?  What about their accelerated military buildup used to invade India, Bhutan, stole islands from the Philippines, and constantly violate Japan’s territorial waters and airspace?      

If Commie China was not so aggressive and belligerent towards their neighbors, Japan would not have to expand their military. 

Photographs courtesy of Kobo Inamura and copyrighted.

Music:  “Gunkan March” (Warship March) for the Japanese Navy written by Tokichi Setoguchi in 1897 and in this video played by “The Hawaii County Band.”  Here is their video:

“Anchors Aweigh” written for the United States Navy by Charles A. Zimmerman in 1906.  Version used in this video from   

Principal Particulars of Destroyer "Izumo"
Owner: Ministry of Defense
Builder: Japan Marine United Corporation (Isogo Works, Yokohama Shipyard)
Kind of Ship: 19,500ton Type Destroyer
Principal Dimensions     Length Overall   248.o meters, Breadth    38.0 meters, Depth 23.5 meters, Draft 7.1 meters,
Main Engine Type COGAG Type, Gas Turbine 4 sets,
Output    112,000ps (2 shafts)
Speed approx.30 knots, Complement   approx. 520 persons,
Armaments   20 mimiPhalanz CIWS 2,  SeaRAM CIWS 2, Anti-torpedo System 1, Ship borne Helicopter 7, Rescue/Transport Helicopter 2

"IZUMO" is an old name of the current Shimane prefecture and the IZUMO shrine is located.

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