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South Korea’s Vietnamese Comfort Women repost

South Korea’s Vietnamese Comfort Women repost

This is a repost of the original video posted on January 1, 2013.  That video was attacked by gremlins corrupting the image (aspect ratio).  This repost is a correction to that corrupting.
Video explaining the Comfort Women issue between Japan and South Korea:

South Koreans since the end of World War Two have been pressing the Japanese for compensation (payola) in reference to the contentious issue between the two nations concerning Comfort Women.  Please see above video link for a thorough explanation of the issue.

In Seoul, South Korea across the street from the Japanese Embassy a statue dedicated to the Comfort Women has been placed.  In Nassau County, Long Island, New York State, United States of America, is a park / memorial dedicated to the Americans who served in the Korean War to keep South Korea free from communism.  Koreans have desecrated this Korean War monument by placing a memorial dedicated to the Comfort Women issue.

How about the Koreans before admonishing Japan for this issue they examine their own Comfort Women issue?  During the Vietnam War (late 1960’s – early 1970’s) South Korea sent troops to Vietnam in an attempt to keep South Vietnam free from communism (commies).  It has been reported South Korean troops and workers raped and impregnated many Vietnamese women, abandoning the children.  Also reported to have forced Vietnamese women into sexual slavery – COMFORT WOMEN (Lai Daihan).   

Did South Korea pay compensation to these Vietnamese Comfort Women?  Answer: No!  So South Korea shut up about demanding money from Japan while you have no offered any to your Vietnamese victims.  Shameful!

Then to compound this horror the ignorant Vietnamese shun, ostracize the children of these raped women because they are half Vietnamese and half Korean.  In other words according to these morons it is the child’s fault because his or her mother was raped by a Korean.     

NOTE: This video first uploaded February 1, 2013. Then around the middle of August, 2013 the video got corrupted with incorrect aspect ratio. This upload is a correction to that corruption.

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