Thursday, August 8, 2013

Melissa the Cove Guardian of Sea Shepherd, where are you?

Melissa where are you?

Melissa the Cove Guardian of Sea Shepherd, where are you?

Are you communicating with the dolphins to swim away from Taiji, Japan since you are an animal communicator of both living and dead animals? (*) 
Or are you encouraging the dolphins to swim towards Taiji so you can get your dramatic live-stream and video to tug at the heart of suckers around the world for more money?

Are you currently on your way to Taiji, Japan to contribute to their economy?
(*) = On Melissa's FACEBOOK page she list herself as an animal communicator both living and dead.  Here is the link (click on "about" on the left side below her picture):


Unknown said...

Has look forward to your visit.
Mr.Utiyama, is entertaining you in Osaka.
Mr.Ajioka, is entertaining you in Kyoto. Please make the memories you are good in Japan.
From Mr.Tony To Masaaki Hirosawa

Milo said...

Real classy, including a link to her profile.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like typical SSCS tactics, DD..... "Do unto others as you would have them NOT DO unto you" is OK as long as it's SSCS supporters doing to others, right ?

Sally Richter said...

Milo, it is a public page. It is not like he posted personal info like a phone number or address. Like anonymous said, I would beware of throwing stones while living in the glass house of SSCS.