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South Korea, a few questions

South Korea, a few questions – repost

This video first uploaded August 16, 2012.  In August, 2013 the video was attacked by gremlins and corrupted the video (aspect ratio).  This upload is a correction to that corruption. 

A few questions for South Koreans, no criticism, just questions:

Background to first question:  A group of islets in the Sea of Japan between South Korea and Japan called Liancourt Rocks, or “Dokdo” in South Korea and “Takeshima” in Japan.  Both nations claim these islets / territory.  

Question 1:
In the recent 2012 Summer Olympics in London, the South Korean men’s soccer team won the bronze medal over the Japanese team.  At the conclusion of the game a South Korean player named Park Jong-woo paraded around the field with a banner that read “Dokdo is our territory.”  This resulted in Park Jong-woo not being awarded the bronze medal he earned.  

Why would an Olympian perform a political act at a non-political sporting event putting his medal in jeopardy? 

How come no member of the Japanese held up a similar banner claiming Takeshima belongs to Japan?

Here is a young man who must have put in many years preparing for this moment and he threw it away.  One has to wonder how his parents are feeling.

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In the 2012 Summer Olympics the Women’s badminton teams from China, South Korea, and Malaysia were disqualified and thrown out of the games by Olympic Officials.  The complaint was the teams were capable of earning more points in the games than they actually earned.  Officials claiming the teams purposely scored low to put them in better positions strategically.  As fellow YouTuber “ColonelRichardHunter” stated the rules were set up in a way that it made strategic sense for what the three teams did.

Subsequently the Chinese team apologized.  While the South Koreans blamed China for their team’s behavior.

Question 2:
How come the South Korean team did not take personal responsibility for their behavior / actions?

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Question 3:
The “Comfort Women” issue involves the nations of the Korean peninsula (South Korea and North Korea) and Japan.   It has absolutely nothing to do with the United States of America. 

A brief description of "comfort women:" These were women who worked in concubines (houses of ill-repute, ladies of the evening) to service the sexual desires of the Japanese military during and before World War Two. 

South Korea and North Korea (the Koreas) claim the women were sex slaves and forced by the Japanese military to serve in these concubines.  Japan claims the women were recruited to work in these concubines and paid for their services. 

NOTE:  this video does not address this issue as to whether they were sex slaves or recruited sex workers. 

Why are Koreans littering the USA with plaques and/or memorials to these comfort women and critical of Japan? 

Are similar plaques / memorials being placed in other countries? 

Why is it only the USA seems to be a target of this type of littering?

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