Monday, August 5, 2013

Animal Rights duck or ducks?

Animal Rights duck or ducks?

This story happened 2011 in Australia clearly illustrate the lunacy of so-called Animal Rights drones. 

On Lake Buloke east of Donald in Victoria, Australia, people enjoy duck hunting.  Not so fast!  The self-appointed do-gooders known as Animal Rights when in essence are anti-capitalist, protest duck hunting.  These pushy annoying clowns claim when ducks are shot by the hunters, and wounded, not all the ducks are retrieved causing them pain and a slow death.  Nonsense. 

Should they not be concerned about the sharks who fins are sliced off and thrown back into the sea still alive without fins that die a slow miserable death?

The Animal Rights drones in Australia would wade in the water to scare off the ducks.  Law requires at a certain time in the morning they must leave the water because that is when duck hunting begins.  One Animal Rights lady did not leave at the appointed time and found her face filled with buckshot from a shotgun fired at a low flying duck.

This young lady had her face pelted with buckshot knocking a tooth out and blood oozing down her mug.  Plus she received a fine of over eight hundred dollars for being in the water beyond the hour allowed. 

Apparently it was difficult to distinguish between the human quacks and the real feathered quacks.  
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