Thursday, August 29, 2013

Obama rodeo clown mask: So?

Obama rodeo clown mask: So?

The Missouri State Fair had a rodeo recently.  At the rodeo a rodeo clown wore an Obama mask.  Perish the thought!  This gross infraction of protocol and exercise of free speech caused liberals and the news media all across politically correct America to howl foul. 

In politically correct America free speech is dead if you are Republican, male, conservative, and/or Christian.  The politically correct gangsters, the news media, liberals, and Democrats screamed it was offensive and racist.  Sure any criticism or mockery of President Obama only has to be anchored in racism according to those who were belly aching about the rodeo clown.

Free speech in the USA only works one way:  Liberals are allowed, all others shut up.

The rodeo clown received condemnation from Democrat Missouri Governor Jay Nixon and the Missouri State Fair Commission.  The Missouri Rodeo Cowboy Association issued an apology.  The free speech haters at the Missouri State Fair issued a lifetime ban on the rodeo clown.    

In 2008 when Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska was running for Vice President as a Republican, she was hung in effigy.  It was during Halloween in California a homeowner hung an effigy of Sarah Palin with a rope around the neck in the front yard?  Was that inappropriate?  Of course not, it was just innocent Halloween decoration. 

Okay comparing a person running for Vice President with the actual office holder of the President is a weak one.  Then how about the eight years President Bush (Republican) was in The White House?  The left produced a movie about an assassination of President Bush.  No problem according to the liberals, news media and Democrats.  For eight years numerous protest with signs relating to “kill Bush.”  Never once an outcry from those hootin and hollering about the rodeo clown.

Since the whole nation was being riddled with political correctness and cowering under the screams from liberals about this rodeo one state stood up for free speech.  Texas Representative Steve Stockman a member of the United State Congress House of Representatives invited the rodeo clown to perform at a rodeo on Texas – yeeha – freedom lives in Texas! 

This Constitution is alive and well in Texas – “Don’t Mess With Texas” partners!

With free speech feelings will get hurt.  That is an acceptable residual in defense of this protected right.

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