Monday, October 5, 2015

The Crown Prince, the buffoon and Sea Shepherd

The Crown Prince, the buffoon 
Sea Shepherd

On the Mediterranean Sea the town of Saint Tropez on the French Riviera is the playground of Europe’s rich, famous, royalty, and recently one buffoon.  In this town is an expensive restaurant named Club 55.  Enjoying a meal one day at Club 55 was Frederik, the Crown Prince of Denmark.  Sitting at a table nearby was the criminal cult leader the buffoon from Sea Shepherd.

Understand this, it is reported lunch for two at this eatery is around $400.00 (2,661 Danish Krone or 47,958 Japanese Yen).  While Sea Shepherd sucker minions scour for food in the Faroe Islands and Taiji, Japan paying their own way there, the criminal buffoon leader hob-nobs on the French Riviera.  All this and not one whale was saved in the Faroe Islands and not one dolphin saved in Taiji, Japan. 

The criminal cult leader noticed the Crown Prince at a table and walked up to the Crown Prince’s table and berated him for the whaling in the Faroe Islands.  The vegan buffoon walked back to his table and then returns with his theatrics back at the Crown Prince’s table.   The Crown Prince remained dignified, while the criminal cult leader behaved like a bully and a buffoon. 

The Faroe Islands is part of the Danish realm; however it is a self-governing country.

Sea Shepherd’s minions sacrifice and their cult leader enjoys a luxurious life-style equivalent to European royalty.  Sea Shepherd minions need to continue to donate to Sea Shepherd for three reasons:

1 - Watson needs to maintain his extravagant life style while no sea creatures are saved.

2 - Ady Gil has a few law suits pending against Sea Shepherd and money needed to satisfy future judgements.

3 - The continued antics of the cult group and their criminal leader provide material for these videos.  

The Trifecta of Happiness: Watson, Ady, and Tony, thanks to money provided by the minions.  

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Paul Watson, Ady Gil, Tony Marano

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