Thursday, October 15, 2015

Governor of Okinawa defending a U.S. base?

Governor of Okinawa defending a U.S. base?

Marine Corps Air Station Futenma, Okinawa, Japan was established in 1945.  The area around the base was rural.  Over the past seventy years Okinawans moved around the Marine air base encircling the base with homes, business, and schools.  The newly moved in started complaining about the noise from the airbase.  That is right, you move next to an airport and start complaining about the noise. 

1.  -Move next to an airport and complain about aircraft noise.
2.  -Move into a beach house and complain about the noise from the waives hitting the beach.   
3.  -Move next to an Interstate highway and complain about the noise from passing trucks.    
4.  -Move next to a garbage dump and complain about the rats and odor.

To nullify or reduce the complaints Japan and the USA agreed to move the base to Camp Schwab, also on Okinawa; however a less populated area of the island.  The leftists, liberals, and Communist attained their goal of getting Futenma Marine air station to close.  Were they happy?  Of course not, these groups are never happy and once a victory is attained they then demand more.  Such is the situation here.

They complained by moving the air base to Camp Schwab it is creating damage to the environment.  By doing so they exposed their real goal, which is to remove U.S. bases from Okinawa.

In an attempt to please these liberals, leftists, and Communists the governor of Okinawa, Governor Takeshi Onaga (翁長 雄志) announced he has revoked the permit which allowed the U.S. to move the base.   In other words Governor Onaga wants to keep the U.S. military base in the middle of a populated are refusing to allow moving it to a rural less populated area.

He is telling his constituents he cares more about an imagined damage to the environment then their concerns.  Representative democracy?    

Some years ago the Philippines said to the U.S.A., “Yankee Go Home,” and closed down all U.S. bases within their nation.  Now that China has stolen land and territorial waters from the Philippines they are now saying “Yankees Come Home.”  If the USA leaves Okinawa the Communist Chinese will fill the void and once again will we hear a chorus of “Yankee Come Home?”           

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