Friday, October 16, 2015

Cosplay Watson and his costume

Cosplay Watson and his costume

Criminal Watson at one time wore a badge hallucinating he was law enforcement of the seas.  Constant ridicule followed that hallucination and soon the fake badge disappeared.

Paul Watson Cosplay
This is absolutely hilarious.  He is not a credential sea captain.  But that is okay because as he once wrote to be a captain of a private craft one does not have to any credentials.  So that is how he gets away with using that title.  However when it comes to being an admiral, no one can legitimately claim to be an admiral unless commissioned by a lawful government authority.  Just because Sea Shepherd has a few vessels that does not make him an admiral.  With that thinking the head of a company that owns multipole container ships can claim to be an admiral. 

The criminal now has worn his admiral costume on numerous occasions one recently was just plain pathetic.  Paul Watson was invited as a panelist at a conference on the military and environment in France.  Other panelist “Admiral Bernard Rogel, Chief of Staff for the French Navy and General Pierre de Villiers, Chief of the French Defense staff.”

It is pathetic to see him in that costume.  But who is the pathetic one?  The French military allowing a charlatan or the charlatan?

Sitting next to a real-live French Admiral, the criminal Watson wore his cosplay admiral costume.  No further commentary necessary.  

French Admiral and Paul Watson
Link to Watson’s Facelessbook page.  See October 14 for photographs of him in costume with a real honest to-goodness French Admiral:

Link to photographs of Watson in his costume at a previous what seems to be a costume party:

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Cosplay Watson
Paul Watson in Cosplay costume
Paul Watson on a panel in costume.
Paul Watson playing pretend wearing a Cosplay costume

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