Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Cosplay Watson in fear of Japan's whaling

Cosplay Watson in fear of Japan's whaling

The headline on The Sydney Morning Herald’s website reads:

Japan rejects international court jurisdiction over whaling

The International Court of Justice ruled Japan whaling in the Southern Ocean is illegal and now Japan rejects that illegal verdict.  This caused his Excellency cosplay Paul Watson to post on his Facelessbook page a scathing rebuke of the Japanese. 

Cosplay Watson wrote: “Japan Arrogantly Spits in the Faces of the Judges for the International Court of Justice

Did not the criminal Watson spit in the face of the German judge who released him from jail on bond?  Then soon after cosplay Watson skipped bail and ran out of Germany.     

Watson wrote: “If Japan kills another whale in the Southern Ocean they will officially become pirate whalers, a rogue nation with absolutely no respect for the rule of law, no respect for conservation and no respect for science.

Japan has no respect for the law?  It was cosplay Watson himself who continually boast about the whaling vessels he sunk while in port.  His minions this past summer in the Faroe Islands have been arrested for their no respect of the law. 

Watson continues with: “Japan's position is that they will do whatever they wish, whenever they wish, however they wish and the rest of the world be damned.”

That is exactly how Sea Shepherd behaves in Japan, the Faroe Islands and the Southern Ocean.  Perhaps delusional Watson believes only he and his cult group are permitted to “do whatever they wish, whenever they wish, however they wish and the rest of the world be damned.”  

Bail-jumper Watson ended with: “An international policing effort must take action to prevent Japan's on-going crimes in the Southern Ocean.”

Why an “international policing effort,” when the cult group has been given a number of ocean going vessels to interfere with the Japanese in the Southern Ocean?  Seems like come this whaling season Watson plans to exempt Sea Shepherd from interfering with the Japanese whalers.  Why?  Is he a coward? 

Japan has reinterpreted Article 9 of their constitution allowing them to take a more active military role in protecting Japan and their business interest.  The cowards are fearing an interdiction in the Southern Ocean by the Japanese military.  That is why Watson wrote calling for “an international policing effort.”

How do you spell “coward?”  Here is how “ w a t s o n.”

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