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Korea, the sins of her father

Korea, the sins of her father

South Korean lunatics in charge of the asylum.  A saying in the USA:  “the lunatics are in charge of the asylum,” seems like the lunatics in South Korea elected a fellow traveler to be their president, President Park Geun-hye. 

South Korea’s President Park Geun-hye indicated she might be open to meet with Japan’s Prime Minister Abe, provided certain conditions are meet.

Business Insider reported:
“Park open to meeting Abe, but stresses comfort women issue”

Link to Business Insider article:

The New York Times reported:
“Japan must take steps towards what Seoul regards as proper atonement for its history”

Link to The New York Times article:

Madam President Park wants Japan to atone for its history.  That is interesting she is concerned with history of over seventy years ago while ignoring the history of forty-five years, the history of her country and her father, the history of the sins of her father and country.  A recent opinion from Fox News in reference to President Park and her attempt to hide her family’s and country’s history:

Fox News opinion:
“President Park should publicly apologize for South Korea’s sexual violence in Vietnam”

Link to Fox News opinion:

During the Vietnam when her father Park Chung-hee was president of South Korea and sent over three-hundred thousand troops to assist the USA.  During this period “South Korean soldiers violently raped and sexually assaulted thousands of young women, some as young as 13 and 14 years of age. Many of these women bore children as a result of these assaults.”

Why insist Japan apologize for what happened over seventy years ago while ignoring what her father and country around forty-five years ago.  Japan has apologized over 50 times while South Korea’s apology has never been issued. 

It makes sense for President Park to continue to resurrect the Comfort Women issue to divert attention from her father’s and nation’s shameful history.  It does not stop there as to reason why she is behaving like a lunatic.  

It is to President Park’s advantage to keep South Korea’s focus on pointing fingers with hate towards Japan to deflect from a person domestic issue.  Because of father Park Chung-hee joined the Japanese Imperial Army during this period.  At one time he adopted the Japanese name of Takagi Masao.  He entered the Changchun Military Academy of the Manchukuo Imperial Army.  He was top in his class and went on to study at the Imperial Japanese Army Academy in Japan.  Park was commissioned as a lieutenant in the Kwantung Army, an elite Japanese unit.   

Did the honorable Korean serving in the Japanese Imperial Army Lieutenant Park Chung-hee visit a “comfort women” while in the voluntary service of Japan?  Would the honorable Lieutenant Park Chung-hee (later to become President of South Korea) have served in an Army of a nation that forcibly dragged over 200,000 of his fellow country women into sexual slavery?  Doubt this honorable man would have server such a nation.  By his service is that an indication there were no “sex slaves” from Korea?     

By keeping Japan the focus of hate in South Korea is President Park deflecting from the sins of her father as a so-called collaborator by stoking the flames of hate? 

Madam President Park wants Japan to atone for its history.  How about she atones for the history of her nation and her family?

President Park’s father’s history with the Japanese Imperial Army:

Could it be President Park’s obsession with hating Japan is an attempt to cover up her father’s activities?  Her father, Park Chung-hee joined the Japanese Imperial Army and served with distinction to rise up as an officer.

Disclaimer:  Not all people in South Korea are lunatics; however South Korea has their share of lunatics like any other country.  In the USA the lunatics are called: “Democrats.” 

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