Thursday, October 8, 2015

Patriot attacked by extreme leftists

Patriot attacked by extreme leftists

Toshi a Japanese patriot illustrated a girl on her Facebook page with the following caption:

"I want to live a safe and clean life, eat gourmet food, go out, wear pretty things, and live a luxurious life… all at the expense of someone else. I have an idea. I'll become a refugee."

Immediately Toshi was attacked as a racist and “right-wing Japanese artist.”  Toshi is conservative and to the media and the political correct thugs she is right-wing.  Toshi post many political drawings promoting conservative values.  That made her an easy target for the leftists and accuses her drawing with related caption as being racists. 

A nefarious group by the title of “Don’t Allow Racism Group,” established a petition urging Facebook to remove the drawing.  Their vacuous claim was “…..Facebook must recognize an illustration insulting Syrian refugees as racism.” 

To avoid controversy she removed the drawing from her Facebook page.  The caption is correct as many of the European 2015 invaders are only seeking lavish social program payouts the western Europeans are noted for.  They are immigrant freeloaders not looking for work but looking for freebees.       

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